Coronavirus.- Spain sends medicines to Paraguay to treat serious COVID-19 patients


The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) will ship 800 kilos of drugs to Paraguay on Friday, indicated to intubate seriously ill patients with COVID-19, in response to an express request from the Paraguayan authorities.

The shipment consists of 2,500 doses of atracurium and more than 66,000 ampoules of midazolam valued at more than 43,000 euros. They will be delivered to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay, which will be responsible for their distribution.

This Ministry estimated at the beginning of May that the monthly consumption of these medicines was around 300,000 doses in the case of atracurium and 400,000 in the case of midazolam. Paraguay is around 3,660 hospitalized for COVID-19, of which around 600 are in intensive care units, according to official data.