Coronavirus: salt water to treat Covid-19?

By Caroline J. · Posted on June 30, 2020 at 12h02 · Updated on June 30, 2020 at 12:11

Is saltwater effective in treating Covid-19? According to a recent study developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, salt water may decrease the risk of developing a serious form of infection with the new coronavirus. We tell you more.

Since the appearance of the new coronavirus, researchers have been hard at work trying to find a vaccine but also effective treatments to fight the Covid-19. Recently, researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland were interested in the beneficial effects of salted water.

In this study of gargarismes, participants had to rinse their throat regularly with saline. As reported by site Medisite, the latter presented with a less severe cough following these tests. Their colds also lasted an average of two days less. Finally, scientists have found that salt water reduces the risk of transmission of the cold virus.

So, salted water would it also be effective against Covid-19 ? To verify this, researchers from the University of Edinburgh decided to set up new experiments.

« We will now test our salt water gargles in suspected or confirmed Covid-19 people, and hope this will prove to be a useful measure to reduce the impact and spread of the infection. “Said the professor Aziz Sheikh, director ofUsher Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

To carry out this new study, the researchers announced that they would call on people recently tested positive for the new coronavirus or those showing signs of the disease for 48 hours maximum.