Coronavirus reveals irregularities in Germany’s meat industry


The number of those infected by the coronavirus outbreak detected in the slaughterhouse and meat processing factory of the German company Tönnies, located in the Gütersloh district, has increased to 730 people. The health authorities of the region stressed yesterday that until now the results of the tests carried out on 1,106 employees are known, but that those of other 5,300 remain to be knownThey have also been tested to see if they have been infected, so it is expected that the number of those affected will increase appreciably.

All employees are in mandatory home quarantine. The vast majority are butchers and butchers from Eastern European countries, mainly from Romania and Bulgaria, who live in overcrowded conditions and poor hygiene in barracks and shared houses that have facilitated the spread of the virus. The factory, the largest in Germany, has been closed by the authorities and the local schools and nurseries have also preemptively suspended its activities.

This case has opened a debate on subcontractors and low wages in the German meat industry. The Land of North Rhine-Westphalia is going to present a federal initiative in the Bundesrat, the German Upper House, to end low retail prices in the sector, Ultimate cause of the mass work of slaughterhouses and coronavirus outbreaks, according to that regional government. You have to check the entire production chain “from the block to the consumer’s plate,” said the Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Protection of that State, Ursula Heinen-Eser, who denounced that “there are offers in supermarkets that make hairs of tip, since the meat products are sold far below their production cost ».

Open summary

Meanwhile, the Bielefeld Prosecutor’s Office has opened a summary for suspected violations of the infection protection law and the regulations adopted following the spread of the coronavirus by Germany.

On the other hand, at least twenty residents of a block of flats in the town of Kassel, in the central federal state of Hesse, have also been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, according to health authorities in that German region. Among those infected are two children who attend a basic education school. For this reason, the City Council of Kassel has ordered the closure of this school in the Bettenhausen neighborhood, while tests are being carried out on all the inhabitants of the building, declared in full quarantine. They have not yet reported, however, on the number of people affected by the new outbreak.

The numbers


Germans have been infected with Covid-19 since the pandemic began, according to data from the Koch Institute.


of the Germans who contracted the disease have lost their lives since March.



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