Patients who were diagnosed with the coronavirus a few months ago said they still suffer from symptoms of the infection. Writes about this edition of The Mirror.

In particular, 47-year-old teacher Amy Watson from Portland, Oregon (USA) spoke about a high temperature for more than 100 days after she tested positive for coronavirus. She told NBC that her body temperature rises to 38 degrees every day by midday and has not passed for several months. Massachusetts-based Keith Porter also continues to struggle with symptoms of the infection, despite contracting COVID-19 back in March. Samantha Demmler, 27, told the Daily Mail that for four months after her diagnosis, she continues to experience loss of smell, memory lapses and fluid accumulation in the lungs.

Jessica Dine, a physician from Philadelphia, told NBC two hypotheses that explain what is happening with patients. The first option assumes that the coronavirus is still in their bodies and cannot be detected by testing. According to the second hypothesis, the virus has left the body, but patients experience the so-called post-viral inflammatory syndrome, in which the immune system remains “revitalized”.

Stanford University neurologist Mitchell Miglis also adheres to this theory. He believes COVID-19 damages the autonomic nervous system, which negatively affects digestion, sleep, heart rate, and blood pressure. “It can take a very long time to fully recover,” he said, adding that it is not yet clear if the patients’ condition will improve over time, or if these symptoms persist and become chronic.

According to a project from Johns Hopkins University on the morning of July 28, 16,426,919 people were infected with coronavirus in the world. The increase in the number of people infected per day was about 225 thousand. Over the entire period of the pandemic, 653,353 infected people have died, more than 9.5 million people have recovered. The operational headquarters for the control and monitoring of the spread of infection in Russia reported that 5395 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the country over the past day in 84 regions. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia, 823 515 cases of coronavirus, 13 504 deaths, 612 217 recoveries have been identified.