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Psychologists order, “virus stress” drops to 27%, it was 58% in February

Reopening and a climate of restart also ‘relax’ the nerves of the Italians. Stress, at least that caused by Covid, grips 27% of Italians. But this is a declining figure, if we consider that in February, the month in which it was highest in the year, it stood at 58%. These are the results of the latest survey – carried out between 7 and 8 June – of the ‘stressometer’, the periodic survey of the Order of Psychologists, carried out by the Piepoli Institute through 503 interviews with a representative sample of the Italian population. Health David Lazzari, president of the National Council of the Order of Psychologists (Cnop), anticipates this. Considering all the stress factors, however, the coronavirus emergency remains firmly at the top of the ranking of causes for Italians, followed by the economic condition (19%), the work situation (15%), psycho-relational causes (12%) ), the health condition (10). In general, adding up the various causes, including personal ones, 58% of Italians feel stressed. «The Italians – comments Lazzari – are certainly less stressed directly by Covid. There is less fear related to the pandemic. But there is still a very important and widespread situation of malaise. What we imagined is happening, namely that with the constant arrival of vaccines and the lower pressure of the pandemic, the other stressful situations that had accumulated over time would emerge. We are seeing, in fact, that elements such as concern for work and psycho-relational problems are growing ». The ‘old’ stressors, however, are not only re-emerging, but are “amplified by the pandemic.”

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