Mexico added, at the cut of this July 27, 44 thousand 22 deaths from Covid-19, with 395 thousand 489 cases of confirmed infections of coronavirus, according to authorities of the Health Secretary.

José Luis Alomy, General Director of Epidemiology, explained in a press conference from the National Palace that there are also 85 thousand 986 suspected cases, although with 442 thousand 884 negative cases accumulated in the country.

If Sheinbaum cares

For his part, the doctor Hugo López-Gatell He responded at the press conference on the alert issued last Friday by the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, while it is possible to return to the red light.

“If she is concerned, we are concerned,” said the undersecretary.

“There are no certainties, it is a new phenomenon, there are situations that can be anticipated, but the specific details depend on a very complex phenomenon that is social behavior,” he said.

The decisions of the head of government are timely, decided, the official concluded.

Upticks are expected

With the confinement over, the spikes in the number of new infections and deaths from the 2019 coronavirus are “completely expected,” López-Gatell warned.

It should not be surprising, he noted, that states that had managed to advance in the epidemiological traffic light return to the red that implies suspension of non-essential activities.

As has happened in Mexico City and other entities such as Chihuahua, where there have been new increases in the cases of Covid-19 after a reduction in infections has been achieved, the spikes can occur throughout the country.

Society must be prepared to have setbacks after having made progress, the official explained at the nightly press conference.

“Always be prepared as a society and government to go forward and go backwards. It is completely expected that when misunderstanding comes, there will be rebounds, decisions must be made and where required, mobility will be reduced. This could be that in some entities they move to red lights, it has already happened, “he said.

“At the most recent traffic light several states switched to a red traffic light having been orange. No one should be surprised. Is it frustrating? Yes, definitely because one would expect to already have progressive control of the epidemic that would allow an opening of social and economic activities but it is not so, and it has not been so anywhere in the world. ”

* With information from Teresa Moreno

* See here the complete transmission of the conference on coronavirus cases in Mexico, from the National Palace: