Jujuy will maintain phase 1 of the quarantine for coronavirus throughout the province and will restrict activities in four localities that became “critical focus” of infections. While the weekend this measure will be applied throughout the territory.

Governor Gerardo Morales announced that until Friday in Libertador General San Martín, Calilegua, Fraile Pintado and Perico they will only be able to open local stores, butchers and pharmacies, among others. They will only be enabled 15 of the 38 activities essential defined at the national level.

Morales said he points to “close as much as possible Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to make isolation more successful, “exposing during the announcement of the report of the Emergency Operating Committee (COE).

This measure will be replicated over the weekend throughout the province. Like last Sunday, there will be a strong restriction on activities and circulation to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 infections. Pharmacies, gastronomic venues may only operate with home deliveries and service stations.

According to the last part in the province, it registered 141 new infections with 1905 cases in total, 254 patients recovered and there were two new deaths from the disease. Phase 1 has been in effect since last week, due to a resurgence of cases.

Jujuy also presented a series of recommendations before the arrival of the celebrations in honor of the Pachamama, that begin on August 1 and extend throughout the month.

Suggestions include avoiding family gatherings and rituals being performed without moving from home. Regarding the offerings, the province asked that they be made with products that are in the houses, to avoid going out to make purchases.

Provincial Minister of Human Development Natalia Sarapura said that they reaffirm that the ceremony to Mother Earth “is part of the spirituality and identity” of the province and that is why they created guidelines “to respect and guarantee compliance with the ceremony” during isolation .