Coronavirus in Argentina: confirmed 276 deaths and 12,230 infections in the last 24 hours

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Friday July 16 what, In the last 24 hours, there were 276 deaths and 12,230 new infections of COVID-19. With these data, the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic amounts to 4,749,443 and deaths are 101,434.

On the other hand, in the last 24 hours, 79,364 tests were carried out. Since the start of the outbreak, 18,203,426 diagnostic tests for this disease have been carried out. To date, 268,840 active positive cases have been registered throughout the country and 4,379,169 recovered.

According to the epidemiological part, at the moment in Argentina there are 4,873 people with coronavirus admitted to intensive care. The percentage of bed occupancy nationwide is 61.1% and in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) it is 58.7%.

This week, Argentina exceeded 100,000 deaths from coronavirus and the Government decreed five days of national mourning. This was announced by the president Alberto Fernandez and his chief of staff Santiago Cafiero after signing the Decree 459/2021, published in the Official bulletin last Thursday. “Declare a National Mourning throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic for a term of 5 days as a result of the death of more than 100,000 people, inhabitants of our country, victims of COVID-19”, they provided in the regulations.

The outstanding epidemiological data, which shows a progressive improvement in the health situation, points out that for the first time in 81 days there are less than 5 thousand patients admitted to intensive care in the national territory.

On the other hand, the Government sees the National Vaccination Plan reinforced with new shipments to distribute among the provinces. Two Aerolineas Argentinas planes arrived last night in the country with 3.5 million Modern vaccines against the coronavirus donated by the United States. The doses developed by the US biotechnology company were sent by US President Joe Biden as part of the donations made by said administration to developing countries.

President Alberto Fernandez He had celebrated the news and thanked his American counterpart for the “decision of solidarity to help the other countries of the world” and “the joint work in the fight against the pandemic”, which marks “a path of cooperation”. The Ministry of Health of the Nation hopes to use these vaccines to advance the immunization of groups of children and adolescents, especially those who have comorbidities.

Along with Moderna’s material, flights from China will arrive in the next few hours to bring more doses of the Sinopharm vaccine against the coronavirus, while more than 1.3 million doses of AstraZeneca will arrive in the country on Monday. With these new batches of vaccines, Argentina will exceed the 37 million doses received since the start of the population immunization plan.

Along with the inoculations from the United States, Argentina received a total of another 32,791,730 doses of which 11,868,830 correspond to Sputnik V, (9,375,670 of component 1 and 2,493,160 of component 2); 10,680,000 to Sinopharm; 580.000 a AstraZeneca-Covishield, 1.944.000 a AstraZeneca by the mechanism COVAX from WHO and 7,790,900 to those of AstraZeneca Y Oxford whose active principle was produced in our country.

According to data from Public Vaccination Monitor, updated until the early hours of Saturday, 30,295,044 doses of vaccines were distributed throughout the territory, while they applied 26.934.235. Of this total, there are 21,644,577 people inoculated with the first dose and 5,289,658 have the complete vaccination scheme.

Among the more than 26 million immunized there are 3,643,265 health workers; 3,461,324 people considered “strategic”, such as members of the security and armed forces, teachers and non-teaching personnel of all educational levels, responsible for the operation of the State and personnel of the Penitentiary Service; 3,154,103 people from 18 to 39 WITHOUT risk factors; 1,846,305 people from 40 to 49 WITHOUT risk factors; 4,949,020 people aged 18 to 59 WITH risk factors; 843,136 people from 50 to 59 WITHOUT risk factors; and 8,968,885 adults over 60 years of age.


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