Hong Kong authorities will limit two the maximum number of people that can meet and will expand the obligation of chinstraps to outdoor areas amid the increase in coronavirus infections in the city.

The Government thus lowers again the maximum limit in social gatherings, which on the 15th had decreased from fifty to four, and also reinforces the mandatory use of masks, which until now had to be used on a mandatory basis only in closed places.

Among the other measures announced today, the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post points out, eating in restaurants will be prohibited -that is, you can only order food to take away- and the sports facilities and swimming pools will be closed.

It is expected that on the semi-autonomous island today about 140 new cases will be confirmed, which would be the sixth day in a row in which more than one hundred is exceeded.

Those who violate the measures adopted by the Executive to try to stop the infections – which will take effect this Wednesday – will face maximum penalties of HK $ 5,000 ($ 645).

According to number two of the local government, Matthew Cheung, “it is difficult to eliminate the hidden chain of transmission in the short term” due to the high number of cases in which the origin cannot be traced, which causes the situation in the city ” keep being serious. “

Authorities had conducted some 400,000 tests on four at-risk groups (the elderly and their caregivers, taxi drivers, and employees in the food and real estate sectors), and will now expand that testing program to minibus drivers, grocers, and special school personnel.

In the last hours they have been confirmed two new deaths from Covid-19 in this Chinese autonomous region, bringing the total death toll in Hong Kong to twenty.

Until this Monday morning, the number of registered infections amounted to 2,634; according to data from the Center for Health Protection, more than 44% of those cases have been registered in the last two weeks, the EFE news agency reported.

Another measure taken in recent days has been to prevent cargo ships from changing crews in Hong Kong, something that could be behind the spike in infections, although some experts say it is too late.

Hong Kong is not the only point in China affected by the outbreaks, since on the mainland of the country there are two assets: one in Xinjiang (northwest), where 41 new infections were registered this Sunday, and another in Liaoning (northeast), with 14 new infections.

Source: Télam