Coronavirus has hardly been active in Suriname for several weeks

The coronavirus has been hardly active in Suriname for several weeks. Even with the relaxation of the measures, the number of hospital admissions and infections continues to fall. This has been announced by the Surinamese Ministry of Health.

“It is good news,” said Health Minister Amar Ramadhin. “We have to stay alert, because the virus is not gone. That is why it is important to vaccinate now so that we are better protected when the virus flares up again.”

To protect us, the following advice applies:

• The best protection against the virus is vaccination. As with other vaccinations, the vaccine against Covid-19 has been shown to help prevent the onset or a serious course of the disease. That applies to everyone.

• If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or lung complaints, you run an extra risk of becoming seriously ill from a covid-19 infection. Vaccination is then extra important. If you have already been vaccinated, get a booster shot. Go tek a Spoitie!

• It is always important to: wash hands, keep your distance, avoid crowded places and ventilate closed spaces. • Wearing mouth and nose covers is no longer necessary, not even in shops or on the market.

However, the urgent advice is to wear a mouth cap if you;

1. have a cold or flu-like symptoms

2. visit a hospital or healthcare institution

3. works with patients or visits people with reduced resistance

Your employer may deviate from the aforementioned advice for employees. The employer can best estimate the risks in the workplace itself. In addition, there are guidelines, drawn up by the BOG, on how employers should deal with sick employees.

In all cases, avoid crowds and places where it is impossible to keep a distance. Do you have the feeling that an unsafe situation arises, for example where too many people come together in a non-ventilated area, protect yourself, keep your distance and wear a mouth cap.



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