Dstart of the third dose vaccination in France, the event over several days again possible under conditions in the Netherlands, end of the compulsory wearing of the mask outdoors in Portugal, compulsory and paying tests for non-vaccinated in Greece, presentation a health pass from this Monday in Switzerland … The evening takes stock of the latest health measures in Europe.

France begins to vaccinate third doses of vaccine

France has started to vaccinate the third doses of the vaccine. As of Monday, people who live in residential care centers, have underlying conditions or are over the age of 65 can receive a third vaccination. According to Prime Minister Jean Castex, several million people are affected.

Over the next five weeks, all 600,000 nursing home residents will receive their third dose.

In France, 70% of the population is now fully vaccinated.

Netherlands: multi-day events again possible under certain conditions

In the Netherlands, multi-day events and festivals will again be possible under certain conditions, the ANP has learned from a good source. However, what exactly these conditions will look like is still being worked out. In particular, the results of field laboratories, in which experiments have been carried out with events, are taken into account.

A maximum number of visitors is envisaged, probably based on a percentage of normal capacity. We are also thinking about how to manage entrance tickets and corona tests. The CoronaCheck app could be used for this, but the idea is also to give the organizers the option of organizing their own testing capacity.

The relaxation of the corona measures was discussed on Sunday. It was therefore decided that the 1.5 meter rule would expire on September 25. Instead, people will need to present evidence that they have been vaccinated, tested negative, or are cured, in more places.

Portugal: end of compulsory mask wearing outdoors

Wearing a mask outdoors ceased to be mandatory in Portugal on Monday, a country with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and a reduction in the number of new cases of coronavirus.

The measure was lifted because Parliament did not extend the law that had made the mask mandatory in the street since the end of October 2020.

Wearing a mask is still recommended in the event of a gathering or when it is impossible to respect social distancing, said the Directorate General of Health in a directive published on Monday.

Greece: compulsory and paid tests for non-vaccinated

On its traditional back-to-school day, Greece has introduced the compulsory and chargeable test for all unvaccinated persons, whether they are employees of the public or private sector, pupils and students, in the means of transport or in closed spaces. receiving from the public.

The cost of antigen and PCR tests, now payable by individuals, has been capped by the authorities at 10 and 60 euros respectively.

Unvaccinated employees will need to submit it electronically once a week but teachers, students and pupils over 12, as well as all tourism, culture and media professionals will need to be tested twice a week.

The Swiss must also present a health pass from Monday

The Swiss have been confronted with the reality of the health pass since Monday. Restaurants, museums, zoos, concerts are only accessible to holders of a covid certificate.

For all events that take place indoors, participants must present their certificate. This also applies to fitness rooms, swimming pools or weddings in public places. Outside, it will be requested for events of more than 1,000 people.

The terraces of restaurants and bars remain free to access. As are catering establishments in airport transit areas and popular kitchens.

Political rallies, self-help groups, funerals and other religious services are also exempted up to 50 people. Musical or theatrical rehearsals and sports training for less than 30 people will also be authorized without a certificate.

People who do not respect these measures may be fined. A customer without a certificate will have to pay 100 Swiss francs (85 euros). The establishments or organizers at fault will be punished with a fine of up to 10,000 francs (8,500 euros), or even a closure.


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