On video a couple was recorded using a Nazi flag as a face mask in a Walmart supermarket, in the city of Marshall (Minnesota state, United States).

The event was published on Facebook by Raphaela Mueller, of German descent, on Saturday July 25 and quickly went viral.

According to the network ‘Univisión’, Mueller began recording after the woman was upset with her about a photo she had taken and made a sign of offense with her hand.

“If they vote for (Joe) Biden we will be in Nazi Germany, this is how it will be”, The woman with the flag is heard listening, while her partner ignored the comments of a spectator who asked them not to use that symbol.

I’m not a naziThe woman continued, as she left the Walmart.

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The author of the video explained in the publication that she had decided to confront the couple because she was raised in Germany and grew up hearing about their “Great-grandmother, who fought underground against the first wave of the Nazis”.

The incident it happened the day the mandate that forces the citizens of Minnesota to wear face masks in interior public spaces came into effect, reported Minnesota Reformer reporter Max Nesterak.

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For its part, Walmart, where the events occurred, will prohibit the couple from entering their facilities for a year.

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any of our stores.”A brand spokesperson told ‘Univisión’.

Despite the fact that the protagonists of the video do not refer to President Donald Trump, who is seeking the election in the elections of next November, the magazine ‘Newsweek’ assured that they are supporters of the Republican magnate.

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On July 20, Trump stated that the use of the mask was “patriotic”, after refusing, for a long time, to use it and after The United States will pass the barrier of the four million confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Although the couple of the ‘Nazi face mask’ called for not voting in the next elections for Biden, the Democratic party candidate, it must be remembered that this community won in Minnesota in the 2016 vote, when the presidential candidate was Hillary Clinton.

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The magazine ‘Newsweek’ assured that the couple is a supporter of Trump