The United States is currently the country with the most cases of contagion by coronavirus, with a report of more than 4 million people infected. This has caused some of its hospitals to collapse due to the number of patients, according to research published by ‘The New York Times’.

The report highlights the difficult situation of hospitals in New York, Manhattan and other states. According to the media, There are patients in some hospitals who die not precisely from the disease but from the health occupation.

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Although it is recommended that each nurse have four patients, at Queens Hospital Center, in New York, a single official is taking care of 23 patients.

Dawn Maldonado, one of the resident doctors at Elmhurs Hospital, told the American media that several of the patients who were in an induced coma woke up at night and removed their oxygen tubes. The large number of cases did not allow health officials to be aware of all the patients and many of them died.

These events were called ‘Bathroom Code’ because many of the patients died when they reached the door of the bathroom.. These types of deaths also occurred at Kingsbrook, Queens and Allenes hospitals, according to the report.

Out of every 10 deaths, at least two or three could have been prevented”Said Alexander Andreev, a resident physician at Brookdale University Hospital. The official explained that everything was due to lack of personnel and adequate equipment.

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The American media also warned about mortality according to the type of hospital in which the patient is treated. According to the investigation, The possibilities of living depend on the medical center where the patient is.

Most of the sick have died in community hospitals and the chances of dying have been lower in private health centers.

In New York, so far around 18,000 deaths from the coronavirus have been confirmed. Several of the hospitals are already without beds available to care for patients.

The United States is going through one of the most critical stages of the pandemic. According to Johns Hopkins University, a large number of new infections have been reported in recent weeks. The day with the most new cases was last July 16, when nearly 77,000 were reported.