Since the start of the health crisis in Italy, Andrea Bocelli has been in the spotlight. In mid-May, the famous Italian tenor announced that he had been contaminated at the beginning of March by Covid-19 in a light form, despite everything evoking “a nightmare”. “My experience with the coronavirus? A tragedy, we were all infected in the family, with fever, even if it was not strong, coughing and sneezing, ”he declared to the press.

The first wave passed, he was speaking to the press at Pisa hospital with his wife, to donate their plasma for research on Covid-19. A few weeks earlier, he had illuminated the confinement of millions of Italians on the occasion of Easter Sunday when, alone, he sang in an entirely empty Milan Duomo several arias of sacred music, notably the Ave Maria of Charles Gounod or the Santa Maria by Pietro Mascagni, before concluding with the Christian hymn Amazing Grace.

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From the first phases of deconfinement, Andrea Bocelli was very critical of the measures deemed “too alarmist” in the face of the epidemic. Monday, July 27, the Italian tenor went further, as Le Figaro noted. During a congress entitled “Covid-19 in Italy, between information, science and rights”, in the Italian Senate, in front of a Matteo Salvini without a mask, Andrea Bocelli declared: “There have been times when, I say it in Detaching myself from any political stripe, I felt humiliated and offended. When I heard that I was being deprived of my freedom to leave my home without having committed a crime, I was offended. I wish to publicly confess that I sometimes voluntarily disobeyed this ban because I did not find it right, or even beneficial, to stay at home ”.

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These statements caused scandal throughout Italy. Sometimes treated as a “denier” of the Covid-19, the tenor has moved Italians all the more because he was until then the emblem of a country united in the face of the crisis, inviting his compatriots in March to respect rules and to listen to the specialists, multiplying the successful videos, singing at his window during confinement.

“I was misunderstood »

The Italian rapper Fedez, who had precisely participated in the operation in duet with the tenor, notably criticized this speech. “If you do not know anyone who has been in intensive therapy and you allow yourself to doubt that the pandemic could be science fiction, I present to you one of my friends who, because of the Covid, suffered a lung transplant at 18, ”he wrote on Twitter, accompanying his post with a photo.

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Faced with the controversy, the 61-year-old lyric singer wanted to calm the situation. “From day one, I got involved with the foundation that bears my name to help people in difficulty because of the virus,” he explains. Today in the Senate I was misunderstood. I’m not a denier, I’m an optimist, and I take it from there with a prayer. »