Corona vaccines: Manufacturers refuse to release relevant study data

Alarming condition: Data is kept under lock and key

According to Doshi, the vaccines have been used by billions of people worldwide, but the so-called primary data of the study participants is still kept under lock and key by the manufacturers. Inquiries to the manufacturers as well as the FDA, the US approval authority, remained unanswered: “Science depends on data being shared. If this does not happen, one cannot in good conscience accept that these vaccines are a scientific has no basis.”

Expert: Regulatory authorities should force manufacturers to disclose data

How can it be that scientifically relevant data is kept under lock and key? Doesn’t this raise the suspicion that the vaccines are not as safe as claimed? “There is no justification for the manufacturers not giving the data,” virologist Alexander Kekule told MDR. For him, it is clearly the task of the responsible authorities to demand all relevant data from the clinical studies and to check them independently. After all, it is not an exotic vaccine that is rarely vaccinated, but a mass vaccine that is also recommended by the authorities and also classified as safe. According to Kekule, Doshi has not yet been able to scientifically prove that there are more side effects. He didn’t seem to have the data for that, “but he raised questions that needed to be answered.”

Susanne Wagner, a drug development consultant with 30 years of experience in high-tech research, sees things similarly. She even considers it negligent if the EMA, the European Medicines Agency, does not demand this data from the manufacturers.

Criticism of Peter Doshi, on the other hand, comes from Charité scholar Leif-Erik Sander. He wrote on Twitter: Doshi’s article on side effects of mRNA vaccines is based “on grossly manipulative statistics”. The study was of inferior quality and the conclusions were inadmissible.

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