The National Vaccination Committee recommends the booster vaccination for all adults after just four months. At the same time, however, there should be exceptions, as NIG virologist Redlberger-Fritz explained.

In several federal states, including the capital Vienna, the third sting is administered just four months after the second vaccination. The National Vaccination Board (NIG) issued an official recommendation for all adults on Monday.

After two vaccinations with vector vaccines (e.g. Astra-Zeneca), the third vaccination four months after the second vaccination is not only possible, but is also “recommended”. For the third vaccination, mRNA vaccines (such as Pfizer) are to be administered.

Virologist Monika Redlberger-Fritz from the National Vaccination Committee specified on Monday in “Stöckl live” who should be excluded from the booster vaccination. But that, she made it clear, only applies to a few people.

People who are allergic to any of the components of the vaccination should not get the third stitch. People who have had anaphylactic shock or thrombosis after a previous vaccination should also be excluded.

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