‘Corona revival plus serious flu wave in autumn’ – The Daily Standard

Virologist Louis Kroes of the LUMC is already warning us that we must take serious account of the fact that we will have to deal with a serious revival of the coronavirus in the autumn (while everyone is vaccinated, but good). And that’s not all. Oh no. It actually gets much worse. Because there will also be a serious “flu wave” Kroes already knows.

Late as always The Telegraph joyfully lend themselves to “warnings” from the new BN elite: virologists. Louis Kroes of the LUMC can now tell in the newspaper for sleeping Netherlands that very unpleasant things are about to happen in the autumn. Yes, he already knows that; while summer hasn’t even officially arrived yet.

“In the years before, it was sometimes hard for healthcare when it was a severe flu season,” says Kroes, who quickly admits what we critics have been saying for ages; that the hospitals were not so full because corona was so terrible, but because The cabinet has completely stripped care so that we can’t deal with any serious virus.

Anyway. Kroes continues: “We’re going to see coronavirus resurgence as the seasonality changes and people move back in. But on top of that, there will be a flu wave.

Because, says Kroes, we haven’t actually seen any flu cases for two years now (so crazy, isn’t it?). But that’s going to change now. “You then see the effect of an oscillation, that a certain flu immunity in the population is gone,” because the flu has been gone too long or something like that. “You can then get a rebound, on top of the corona outbreaks that are locally significant. can keep.”

In other words, we should be very scared and worried right now. ok, yes, sureLet’s enjoy the summer for a while. But prepare yourself mentally: in the autumn and winter it will be hard again. All those hellish viruses! The coronavirus (for which almost everyone is vaccinated, but apparently that makes little difference suddenly) and the flu. Harrejassus. What an extremely deadly combination!

But wait, there is good news for all corona-obsessed people who hardly dare to leave their homes. According to De Telegraaf, there is a good chance that “tactics” such as the quarantine obligation and the one and a half meters “will remain in the toolbox.” Yes, even after September 1, when the current ‘temporary’ (haha!) law with government powers to limit our freedom unprecedented in the name of public health actually expires.

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Well, that will be something this fall. That “freedom, joy” we keep talking about could well be disappointing.

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