Corona outlook 2022: WHO is cautiously optimistic

Updated on December 29, 2021, 8:41 pm

  • According to the WHO, victory over the pandemic could work in the new year.
  • But this requires a great joint effort.
  • And the road will be rocky because of Omikron.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is cautiously optimistic about the likely corona situation in the next year. Among other things, it is important that at least 70 percent of the population in each country is vaccinated by the middle of the year, said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Geneva on Wednesday. Then it is possible that the pandemic at least with its severe courses will end. “We can bring the phase of hospitalizations and death to an end,” said WHO expert Mike Ryan. The WHO is also counting on further advances in the use of drugs in therapy for COVID-19 in the next year.

Fair distribution of the vaccine worldwide is crucial

Tedros again urged all states not to be selfish but to help with a fair distribution of the vaccine. “It is time to defy short-term nationalism and protect populations and the economy through equitable distribution of the vaccine around the world.” Shortly before Christmas, in around half of the 194 WHO member countries, less than 40 percent of the population had been vaccinated. In around 40 countries it was not even ten percent.

Two years after the outbreak: 278 million infections and 5.4 million deaths

Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, the WHO recalled the 278 million corona infections and the almost 5.4 million deaths worldwide. “The actual number of victims is much higher,” said Tedros. Not to mention the many millions of people who would have to struggle with the consequences of Long-Covid. Populism, narrow-minded nationalism and the hoarding of medical equipment had paved the way for new variants, criticized the WHO.

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According to the WHO, the current corona wave caused by the omicron variant is worrying. Together with the Delta variant, it could lead to a “tsunami of cases,” said Tedros. According to previous observations, the Omikron variant is spreading significantly faster than the Delta variant. In the United States and Great Britain, she is now the dominant mutant. However, a decrease in the number of cases has recently been recorded in South Africa.

In addition, preliminary data from Great Britain, South Africa and Denmark indicated that, compared to the Delta variant, the sick do not have to be treated as often in a clinic, the WHO said in its weekly report. But more studies are needed to really understand these observations. It is to be expected that drugs that have been tried and tested so far will also help with this variant. (ash / dpa)

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Experts believe that Omikron will soon be the predominant virus variant in Germany. The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning of the consequences that the spread of the mutation could have. The WHO continues to classify the risk posed by Omikron as “very high”.




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