174 harvest helpers were infected with the corona virus on a vegetable farm in Mamming in Lower Bavaria. Now there should be voluntary tests for all residents. The opposition sees the government as jointly responsible.

After a corona outbreak on a vegetable farm in Mamming with 174 infected harvest helpers, the Bavarian government wants to set up a Covid test station in the Lower Bavarian community.

The 3,300 residents are offered voluntary testing in a mobile test tent, said Bavaria’s Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU). In a situation like this, this is a very important offer to the population.

In addition to tests for the population, the state government had already announced a “test offensive” in the course of which harvest helpers will be examined in other large farms. The focus of the tests is initially on the courtyards in the area and in the district.

The Minister of Health said yesterday that no easing of the Corona measures in the district has been planned so far. The 50 to 100,000 incidence will probably no longer be maintained. If trips are planned, it is therefore important that the population can be tested in order to be able to travel with a negatively certified test.

Entire yard under quarantine

At the weekend, the Dingolfing-Landau district office announced that more than a third of the harvest helpers working at a large vegetable farm in Mamming had contracted the corona pathogen. Seasonal workers from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine were used to pick the cucumber. One of the infected is being treated in the hospital, some others have symptoms, according to the Ministry.

Since the positive harvest helpers had little contact with the local population, the district office responsible has so far assumed that the infections have not spread beyond the farm. The courtyard is now in quarantine: the district office has built a fence around the site, a security guard monitors the ban on going out, food is delivered and the harvest is suspended.

According to district administrator Werner Bumeder (CSU), the prescribed hygiene concept had not been fully implemented on the farm. Greens and SPD accuse the state government of neglecting the control of seasonal workers’ accommodations. SPD consumer protection expert Florian von Brunn said: “In our view, it is precisely the hygiene conditions at work and the living conditions that need to be checked closely. This obviously did not happen. This outbreak came with an announcement. Markus Söder and the responsible minister Huml therefore share responsibility.”

Im Morning magazine from ARD and ZDF defended Huml’s actions against the government. As soon as the first infections were found on the farm on Friday, action was taken quickly and consistently. With reference to the new test offensive, she said that they would now test and control “very quickly”.

The tagesschau reported on this topic on July 27, 2020 at 4:47 am.