The 7-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants increased again in Saxony on Monday. While the number was 87.3 the day before, it has now climbed to 91.2, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). It is well above the national average of 66.5.

Within Saxony, the incidence value in central Saxony remains particularly high at 182.8, followed by the Erzgebirgskreis at 140.1. The weekly incidences per 100,000 inhabitants are over a hundred in the districts of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains (121.8), Görlitz (117.7) and Bautzen (115.4). In the big cities the values ​​in Chemnitz are 71.6, Leipzig 52.2 and in Dresden 85.0.

North Saxony tightened corona rules from Wednesday

Northern Saxony is on the fifth day as a result of a weekly incidence of 35. Therefore, stricter corona restrictions will come into force in the district from Wednesday. Here, too, there is again the obligation to record contacts for indoor catering, for indoor events and for example in fitness studios, saunas and indoor swimming pools. In addition, 3G rules come into force. Employees and self-employed people with direct customer contact must be tested for a corona infection twice a week.

Northern Saxony was the only remaining district that had incidences below 35 in the past few weeks. In all other Saxon regions, the 3G rule – vaccinated, tested or recovered – had to be introduced for indoor offers.


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