Corona news: KHN Breda calls on to remain closed in protest

The catering industry should not allow itself to be lent for a day to a protest action. For that reason, cafes and restaurants in Breda should not open on Saturday, while in other parts of the country the catering industry does open as a protest. The local Breda branch of the Royal Horeca Netherlands (KHN) makes this appeal.

“We will not be laughed at for a day”, it sounds like. According to Johan de Vos of KHN Breda, the situation will not change if catering establishments only open for one day. “The pressure among entrepreneurs about financial and psychological problems does not go away by opening one day,” says De Vos. It is also not possible for all businesses to open in ‘such a short period of time’.

Because it concerns a demonstration of the catering industry nationally, the impact has also disappeared, according to De Vos. In his view, this has made it more of a ‘cuddle day’ for the local government towards their own entrepreneurs.

Incidentally, the catering industry in the city has new promotions in the works. According to the company, this will also be related to the perspective for the sector that is offered from The Hague.




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