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Why many corona forecasts were wrong

Temperature check at the entrance of a hospital in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

(Photo: AFP)

Various wealthy countries are getting through the pandemic much worse than expected, while some poorer countries are coping with the crisis far better than expected.


Berit Uhlmann

Almost a year ago, when it was still impossible to foresee how much the corona virus would affect the world, then US President Donald Trump boasted that his country was in a fantastic position. “According to Johns Hopkins,” the US is better equipped than any other country against pandemics, he says in his typical inaccuracy and waved a bit of paper full of colorful graphics. That was Trump as he was known. But he was right in his key message. He referred to the Global Health Security Index, a very serious measuring instrument made up of 140 individual indicators, developed by 21 experts from Johns Hopkins University, among others. It quantifies how well individual states are armed against pandemics. And yes, the USA took first place in this evaluation. A year later, the country mourns more than 400,000 Covid deaths, and it is not only this number that makes it clear how far this and other indices were off.

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