Corona injuries increased.. an important message from health to citizens regarding the revitalizing dose

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, spoke after the increase in Corona injuries during the recent period, due to the lack of societal immunity and a number of other factors, and accordingly sent an urgent message to citizens.

An important message from health to citizens regarding the increase in Corona injuries:

He said that everyone who received the last dose of the corona vaccine for 6 months, must obtain the stimulant dose, even if a third dose is obtained and 6 months have passed.

It is also necessary to go to the Corona vaccine vaccination centers and get a fourth or fifth dose, the name does not mean anything, but the important thing is that it is a stimulating dose, and strengthening the immune system.

He added that several isolation hospitals have been opened, including Agouza and Helwan Hospital, and stressed that all isolation hospitals designated for the Corona virus are ready to receive the infected and return to isolate them again, but citizens must take the necessary caution so that infections do not rise.

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