July 27, 2020

REGION – The number of positive tests for the coronavirus in the Leiden region is increasing for the first time in weeks. Last week, 9 people from the region tested positive for the coronavirus. A week earlier, there was still 1. The number of infections is also increasing throughout Hollands-Midden. From 17 three weeks ago, to 48 two weeks ago to 94 last week.

Five people tested positive in Leiden last week. A week earlier, there were zero. One contamination has been detected in Leiderdorp, just like in Oegstgeest. There are two in Voorschoten. In Zoeterwoude, no one has tested positive for the corona virus in the past three weeks.

Since 1 June, anyone with complaints can register for a corona test via the national number 0800-1202. Corona drive-ins allow people to test themselves for the virus by car, bicycle or on foot.

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