Corona in Russia: New highs again

569 deaths are reported in just one day. A third of all infections occur in the two metropolises Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Medical professionals in an exhibition site in Moscow that has been converted into a hospital Foto: Maxim Shemetov/reuters

MOSCOW taz | The second corona wave has also reached Russia. This time, however, the virus seems to hit the regions even more than it did in the capital in spring. Russia reported 26,402 new infections on Tuesday, and the death rate also reached a new record with 569 cases.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin extended the restrictive measures for the population until mid-January. Accordingly, older people aged 65 and over are encouraged to continue to isolate themselves. The third of the employees who previously worked at home should also stay in the home office.

Education Minister Valery Falkov also ordered distance learning for the universities in Moscow and Saint Petersburg until February 6th. Lessons for students from 6th to 11th grade in Moscow will initially be switched to distance learning by December.

Even if the second wave is currently more evident in the province, around a third of all infections are still in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. While 1,000 cases a day occurred in Petersburg at the beginning of November, the infections had almost quadrupled to 3,700 cases by the end of the month.

Less equipped

Basically, the regional health facilities are worse and financially scarce. The Vice Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova only gave alarming insights into the situation in the provinces last week.

The situation is tense in the Republic of Mordovia, Orlov, Saint Petersburg, the Komi Republic and Ivanovo, she said. More than 90 percent of the intensive care beds there are occupied by corona infected people. The national average is 78 percent.

In the spring, students had already been used as interns in corona clinics. This time, interns are again on the corona front. However, you should receive around 100 euros per month for work in November and December. Vocational students in the medical sector were also guaranteed a monthly remuneration of 80 euros.

About 100 million euros have been transferred to the regions to finance corona measures, said Golikova. If the official vaccination plan remains, around 80,000 soldiers can be supplied with the Russian Sputnik V serum by the end of the year.

Cause for doubt

The official death rates give cause for doubt: the official website stopkoronavirus.rf shows values ​​that are four to five times the national average below the real death rate. This can be determined using the official statistics from Rosstat, the data of which appear delayed.

Journalists from the Meduza portal discovered that many regions do not keep real figures in databases that are not publicly accessible. This explains deviations with which the federal authorities also have to work.