Corona in Munich: Autumn holiday blues in the travel agencies – Munich

Two travel dreams have just burst again. Thailand and Namibia. “We had to cancel both,” reports an employee of “Travel Overland” in Wörthstrasse. Because entry is currently not possible. Palm trees, desert, palaces, T-shirt temperatures – everything perdü. Instead rain and cold.

In the Munich travel agencies they are used to grief at the moment, it has been canceled and canceled for months. And only booked very cautiously, as it says in “Travel Overland”. Because many wanderlust-driven people no longer know what is actually still possible – and what will apply tomorrow or in two weeks, when the Bavarian autumn vacation begins.

Outside of Europe there is very little going on; the German passport, which is actually praised as a worldwide door opener, has lost a lot of its value. The USA, Canada and even Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are out of reach for Munich residents. France? In the crisis zone Paris and in other large cities there is a night curfew, and the entire neighboring country is now a risk area. Like Tyrol and Vorarlberg, the immediately adjacent holiday destinations in Austria.

The mood in the run-up to the autumn holidays – travel preparations are made in “normal” years – is therefore suitable for the Munich sky: gray, depressed, a little resigned. Especially in view of the early closing times in the restaurants, the restrictions on celebrations and the already uncomfortable autumnal temperatures, the distance beckons – in which, of course, Corona rules would also dampen the hoped-for carelessness, if you could even get there. There is actually a very clear recommendation from politicians: if possible, avoid traveling this fall. So that the virus is not carried across Europe again. And a new lockdown can be avoided.

However, plans are still being made. At “Travel Overland” in Haidhausen, the Munich residents’ interest in Greece and Italy was recently noticed. However, the situation changes daily, from this Saturday on, the area around Naples (Campania) and Genoa (Liguria) are considered risk areas in Italy, and masking is required on the roads throughout the country. The Federal Foreign Office also sees Trentino, Lombardy, Veneto and Lazio on the wrong path. In Greece, which is comparatively little affected, reports the travel agency employee, the season was partially extended. Some hotels are open longer than usual. There has been no travel warning there so far. However, online registration is mandatory when entering the country.

Italy and Greece are currently making the running at the airport – but there isn’t much going on here either

The ADAC, which evaluated the route inquiries from Munich drivers over the past four weeks, placed Italy in second place: 28 percent of a total of 1010 inquiries from Munich and the surrounding area had “Bella Italia” as their destination. Germany is ahead with 32.6 percent. It follows, with only 14.7 percent, Austria. It is of course unclear whether the motorists will actually go on vacation. The corona situation is very confusing and requires flexible travel planning. Or maybe the waiver, Munich is actually also a holiday destination.

Italy and Greece are currently making the running at the airport – with 150 and a good 80 take-offs respectively during the autumn holidays. Turkey, which has been talked about because of its embellished corona statistics, ranks third – although the country, with the exception of three Aegean provinces and the area around Antalya, is still considered a risk area (and not only because of Corona). Like Spain, which is still served from Munich despite very high corona numbers. In any case, many destinations that are flown to in the autumn holidays are not at all usable for Munich residents due to travel restrictions. Around 180 of the 3,400 take-offs and landings during the vacation are long-haul connections: USA, Canada, but also Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Dubai and Seoul.

Entry into some countries is not even possible, others require tests or quarantine – the Federal Foreign Office advises against it. “MUC” is therefore still running on the back burner, despite intensive efforts to adhere to hygiene requirements in terminals and aircraft. Currently there are only around 20,000 passengers on 360 take-offs or landings per day. For the once so proud hub with a good 1100 flights a day, that’s a pretty sad result.

Even in Germany, which is the travel destination of choice for many Munich residents even in the comparatively carefree summer, the situation is confusing. Since the Federal Chancellor and the 16 Prime Ministers have agreed not to tackle the subject of the ban on accommodation again until after the Bavarian autumn break, the patchwork will remain. Berlin is possible for Munich residents and also Thuringia, Saxony, Bremen, Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia. In other federal states, however, travelers from an official risk area such as Munich are not even allowed into the hotels. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, cars with an M license plate are officially not even allowed to cross the national borders.

Bad prospects for a carefree tour through Germany. However, the bans on accommodation are on the decline – on Friday the state government announced the temporary end of this restriction in Bavaria. And in Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony, the administrative court has overturned the ban. Of course, the question always arises as to whether you want to travel to an area with very high corona numbers, even if it were allowed.