Corona holiday check: Can I celebrate again in Mallorca now?

Finally vacation again – but there are so many questions about Corona. Which rule applies to me? What does a vacation in Europe look like?

BILD answers the most important questions.

Which holiday countries in Europe are still risk areas?

The good news: there are fewer and fewer! Yesterday the Federal Foreign Office announced: All of Italy, all of the Czech Republic, large parts of Switzerland and Croatia will no longer be on the list of risk countries from tomorrow.

Among the most popular holiday destinations in the euro area, only warnings are given before entering Denmark, France and Greece.

The incidence on the popular Greek islands is already below 50. Important for package holidaymakers: But because Greece is rated as a whole country in terms of risk area, travelers to Crete or Rhodes can still cancel free of charge.

Is it possible to rebook individual trips?

You are dependent on the goodwill of the provider. There are sometimes generous regulations (e.g. hotels, bookings directly with airlines).

Attention, new traps! For example, some vacation rental providers collect new service fees for rebooking, warns the consumer advice center.

Relaxation everywhere: Can I celebrate again in Mallorca?

Only at tables for up to ten people (but only four people at Ballermann).

Which test do I need upon arrival?

A PCR test is compulsory almost everywhere when you travel by plane. If you travel to the holiday destination by car, a quick test is often sufficient (but NOT a self-test).

Important: You can usually only get the result of a normal PCR test (costs: 50 to 80 euros) after up to 24 hours. There are express PCR tests (100 euros or more).

The providers promise: result in three hours or less. But it can also take longer. Do not rely on it! It is better to save money and book the normal PCR test in good time.

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What applies to a vacation in Germany?

Differently! Rule of thumb: If you arrive at a hotel or a holiday apartment, you must present a negative test result (the free citizen test is sufficient). You may then need to retest every three days.

What applies to people who have been vaccinated twice?

As a rule, test obligations do not apply to them in Germany. Abroad, people who have been vaccinated twice do not yet have any advantages.

What applies to children

In many countries, children also need a PCR test before entering the country by plane – e.g. in Spain for children aged six and over.

Do I still get free quarters?

Yes! But things are getting tight on the North and Baltic Seas. Good news for spontaneous bookers: Because the holiday start in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was brought forward (originally June 14th), there are still a number of accommodations available for the weekend.

Where can I find bargains?

On these portals (a selection of BILD):

  • To travel:,,
  • Hotels: Meta search engine,
  • Flights: (also other discount campaigns),, (then search for flights)
  • Rental car:,
  • Rent motorhomes & caravans privately:

Book now?

Absolutely, but pay attention to rebooking and cancellation conditions.

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