“Corona drives them further into illegality”: Advice center fights against sex buying ban – districts – Berlin


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Julia Weiss reports from MITTE:

  • The corona crisis increases social injustice. This is not only shown by the outbreaks in Berlin apartment buildings, where people have to live together in a small space. In Mitte, aid organizations now draw attention to the plight of sex workers in the district. Because while massage salons and beauty salons are allowed to open again, sex work is still not allowed. Even a long-term ban is under discussion. “The corona crisis is being used to spark renewed debate about a ban on sex buying in Germany,” said Lea Rakovsky of the counseling center against human trafficking Ban Ying. It does not help the women concerned, on the contrary. “They are further pushed into illegality, free people simply pay less or not at all because the women cannot complain,” says Rakovsky. In addition, there are also many self-determined sex workers who want to continue their profession in compliance with corona rules.
  • Mobile Corona test vehicle started in Mitte
  • District wants to maintain Karstadt in Müllerstrasse
  • Neighborhood: Sercan Sevindik teaches young people in hot spots
  • 466 penalty payments for corona violations
  • Theater sitcom “Good Wedding, Bad Wedding” comes to the cinema

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Madlen Haarbach writes from NEUKÖLLN:

  • Neighborhood: Tatjana Neu is part of the “FahrradBande”
  • Temporary protected bike path in Hermannstrasse is scheduled to come in August
  • BVV votes for temporary closure of side streets for car traffic
  • 1101 students registered for the Neukölln summer schools
  • BVV discusses Karstadt closings
  • Citizen participation in the renaming of Wissmannstrasse started
  • CDU wants to receive parking spaces in front of a private health center – which do not belong to the health center at all
  • Summer vacation tips for Neukölln

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And Gerd Appenzeller answers from REINICKENDORF:

  • Citizens anger 1: Bathers enter the closed Tegel beach and are mad at politics
  • Citizens anger 2: Heiligenseer angry about short-term closure of the main thoroughfare
  • The music plays again in Lübars and Waidmannslust
  • Frank Becker, the man with whom Collonil came out of the Corona crisis

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