The Corona demos are back. At the weekend, the organizers want to get thousands of conspirators, opponents of vaccination and rights on the streets of Berlin.

Fear of the big world conspiracy Photo: dpa

BERLIN taz | It could be the largest demonstration that Berlin has ever seen, at least if you believe Jasmin Richter from the open Telegram group Freedom Chat: “We are currently around 4.5 million (!!!) people who August in Berlin for the freedom of all Germans to go on the streets !!!!!! ”The number has been checked by judges, through“ contact with the organizer and sophisticated computer algorithms (sic!) ”.

With the actual organizers of the protests “against the delusional corona regime of government apparatus, pharmaceutical companies, total digital control and government and corporate media rule” – the communication center for democratic resistance – the hubris is only one-ninth as big. The conspiracy ideologists registered 500,000 participants for their central demo on Saturday. After a kick-off at the Brandenburg Gate, the parade should take the Straße des 17. Juni to the Victory Column.

But not only that: The scene is really trying to flood Berlin on the weekend: on Saturday alone, at least five other rallies have been announced in the middle of 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Another demonstration is planned for Friday from the Reichstag to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz; rallies at the Brandenburg Gate and Mauerpark are to follow on Sunday.

What is expected is the last rearing up of the scene, which had already disappeared in the past few weeks. While the corona measures continued to be relaxed, not only did the willingness to participate in the weekly rallies decrease, the media interest in the conspiracy tales surrounding emergency regimes, forced vaccinations or Bill Gates’ takeover had almost completely ceased. Nevertheless: In the wake of the protests and the increasingly crude internet stories, not a few people have radicalized and said goodbye to democratic discourse.

The weekend should bring them all together for the first time. In view of reports of dozens of buses that are supposed to set off from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg alone, critical observers of the scene do not consider a number of participants of more than 10,000 to be excluded.

Diffuses Spektrum

For this, everything comes together that the diffuse spectrum has to offer: In addition to the organizing Berlin communication center around the former freelance author Anselm Lenz and the Stuttgart Alliance for lateral thinking, which by comparison must almost still be considered accountable, the right-wing Corona rebels or call right-wing extremist cookbook author Attila Hildmann on the protests.

Hildmann had recently gotten into an almost delusional intoxication that was causing him a lot of publicity, but was also increasingly causing problems. Because of the danger that he would repeat his public calls for murder, insults and seditions, the rally he had planned for Saturday in the Lustgarten had been banned – and Hildmann’s own rally was also banned on the following Saturday. Meanwhile, his political analyzes are still available via Telegram, for example: “Those who wear the Merkel slave NWO communist muzzle mask so tightly should please be the first to be sterilized!”

The colorful-brown mixture will be supplemented by esotericists and opponents of vaccination, the Berlin NPD, the Holocaust-denying Youtuber Nikolai Nerling and certainly also some AfD MPs

Motorway closures?

The organizers said goodbye to the original venue, Tempelhofer Feld, after they had not received a confirmation quickly enough. Contrary to her other evocations of dictatorial conditions, the communications office wrote in her newsletter on Monday: “We cannot confirm the rumors that the Berlin city government would seal off the city on the morning of August 1st.” The contact with the assembly authority and the police was “correct.” “.

call Standing up against racism warns against taking part in the corona protests: “To protest against government policy together with the Nazis means to offer the enemies of democracy a stage and an excuse for their agitation.”

1. August The alliance will hold a rally at the memorial for the murdered Sinti and Roma together with the VVN-BdA from 10 a.m. A large alliance demonstrates at Monbijouplatz from 12 noon, the grandmothers around 1pm on the right at the memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe.

July 31 An anti-fascist demo under the motto “Fighting Coronal Denial and Fascists” will move to the headquarters of the Communication Center for Democratic Resistance in Wedding. Start: 6 p.m., train station. Wedding.


Hildmann had previously sent a message among his supporters that the government wanted to block all motorways to Berlin. The sender of this warning was certain, after all he had received the information “from two sides, internally”.

While the confusing spectrum of the Corona deniers makes it difficult for them, both through scaremongering and exaggerated expectations of their own strength, there is nothing to oppose their protest. So they can be very democratic under the motto “The end of the pandemic. Freedom Day ”. It will be more difficult with the central demand that the Bundestag should meet unscheduled on August 4 at the latest and that new elections should be held in September in order to end the “Corona emergency regime”.

The spectrum will not agree. In various Telegram groups, a “storm on the Reichstag” is called for, while other users desperately ask them not to. Corona rebels in Berlin are concerned that this could lead to a “negative classification” of the entire demo.