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The state government of Lower Saxony wants to adhere to the corona measures until further notice. Complete repeal, as in other countries, is not yet appropriate.

“It is currently far too early for a ‘Freedom Day'”, said the deputy government spokeswoman Kathrin Riggert on Tuesday in the state press conference. “We are only just starting the cold season and nobody really wants to predict how the infection numbers and hospitalization rates will develop.” Riggert also emphasized that one of the state government’s primary goals is to ensure that schools and day-care centers are in attendance. Since there is still no vaccine for hundreds of thousands under the age of twelve, the main concern now is to protect these unvaccinated people.

“Stable corona situation” in Lower Saxony

Crisis team leader Heiger Scholz described the current corona situation in Lower Saxony as “stable”. The incidence value has remained almost unchanged for a week in a range of 42, and hospitalization and intensive care bed occupancy are still below the limit values ​​for the first warning level. Scholz defended the abolition of the free rapid tests since the beginning of the week. “Everyone can now get vaccinated at short notice, so it is right that the taxpayer should stop paying the costs.” The many tests in the past few months, however, contributed to the fact that the third wave could be broken, so Scholz. He announced that all Lower Saxony health authorities will be at the start with at least one mobile vaccination team this week.


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With a view to the cold season, it is not yet appropriate to think about a “Freedom Day”, according to the crisis team. 35 min

Breakthroughs in vaccination are unavoidable

Scholz does not consider the fact that vaccination breakthroughs also occur again and again in Lower Saxony to be worrying. “It’s nothing special, it’s a residual risk that we have to live with.” He emphasized, however, that vaccination can reduce the risk of hospitalization, intensive care and death to a minimum. How many vaccination breakthroughs there have been in Lower Saxony so far, Scholz could not say. There are no country-specific figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). So far, around 67,000 vaccination breakthroughs have been registered across Germany.


The visitor limit falls for events with 2G. In addition, the conditions for Christmas markets are specified. Download (289 KB)

Further relaxation in the new corona regulation

In the new Corona regulation, which has been in force since last Friday, the country had recently decided on further freedoms for vaccinated and recovered people. For example, for events that are carried out in the 2G model, the upper limit for visitors is no longer applicable. In addition, the country has drawn up the regulations for Christmas market visits in the 3G model.

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A specially trained employee carries out a rapid corona test on a colleague.  © picture alliance / dpa |  Marijan Murat Photo: Marijan Murat

This applies to so-called citizen tests in test centers, pharmacies and practices. Municipalities are in favor, social associations against. (11.10.2021) more

"Please keep your distance" stands at a Christmas market stall on the market square.  © dpa photo: Philipp Schulze

Too time-consuming, too labor-intensive and cost-intensive: the central association considers the measures provided by the state to be impractical. (11.10.2021) more

Two flags with the logo of Hannover 96 © imago / Galoppfoto

96 is allowed to fully utilize the stadium for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Osnabrück also wants to fully occupy the places again, Braunschweig at least wants to increase it. (8.10.2021) more

A bird's eye view of the Lüneburg Christmas market in the dark.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Philipp Schulze

Relaxations now also apply to stadium visits: under 2G conditions, the visitor limit is no longer applicable there. (7.10.2021) more

An employee of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe takes a smear from a woman for a corona test © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

Corona rules are based on hospitalization, incidence and intensive care bed occupancy. Here are the current values. more


A fabric mask lies on a sewing machine.  Photo: Karin Haug

The Federal Labor Court in Erfurt passed a landmark judgment on Wednesday in the case of a woman from Lower Saxony. more

Lower Saxony Health Minister Daniela Behrens (SPD) speaks in the Lower Saxony state parliament.  © dpa photo: Demy Becker

FDP boss Birkner had pleaded in the current hour in the state parliament for a timely end to the Corona ordinances. more

The picture shows a picture taken in the evening at the Christmas market in Goslar.  © picture alliance /

In addition, Thursday is about the double budget 2022/2023. will broadcast the session live from 9 a.m. more

People sit at a distance in the Marktkirche in Hanover on Good Friday and take part in a church service.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

The church services in Lower Saxony should remain open to everyone – the church does not want to exclude anyone. more

A woman is standing by a window in her apartment.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Fabian Sommer

The evangelical counseling center presented the annual report: Fears and depression increased in the pandemic. more

A mulled wine stand at the Christmas market.  © imago / Roland Mühlenanger Photo: Roland Mühlenanger

Crisis chief Scholz rejects the objections of the city council. The concept was worked out with showmen. more

The picture shows lessons in a school.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth

After the lockdown, the focus should be on the really relevant lesson content, demands the parents’ association. more

"Impfteam mobiles" stands on a vehicle of the Johanniter.  © picture alliance Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert

They are already on their way in the districts of Lüneburg and Harburg, and soon in the districts of Uelzen and Heidekreis. more

An employee of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe takes a smear from a woman for a corona test © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

The number of those tested is said to have halved. The reason is that the tests are often no longer free. more

Many people at a Christmas market between illuminated stalls.  © NDR Photo: Oliver Gressieker

The city has presented its plans. The market area will be expanded to include the arms area, and paths will be wider. more


The town hall on the Maschsee.  © NDR Photo: Julius Matuschik

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