Corona and air travel: US airlines are canceling the holidays because of Omikron flights – News

“We are now looking from day to day”: American airlines, including Lufthansa, are struggling with a high level of sick leave. Boris Roessler / dpa (archive image)

On December 24th alone, United Airlines had to cancel almost 170 flights. This is due to a high number of Omicron cases among crew members. A high level of sick leave is also a problem for Lufthansa.

Several US airlines have reportedly canceled numerous flights over the holidays because of the new Corona variant Omikron.

According to a statement released by United Airlines, crew members had called in sick. Nearly 170 United flights were canceled on Friday, according to Flight Aware’s website.

“We look at things every day now,” said United spokesman Joshua Freed. Some flights can be canceled on Saturday due to the storm. On Christmas Eve, both Delta and JetBlue canceled a number of flights.

In the United States, the Omicron genotype has gained the upper hand. The number of corona cases has risen dramatically recently.

Lufthansa also had to cancel flights

Since so many pilots reported sick, Lufthansa had to cancel intercontinental flights shortly before Christmas. From December 23 to 26, according to a company spokesman, connections across the North Atlantic, such as Boston, Houston and Washington, were particularly hard hit. Passengers can easily be rebooked in this area due to the heavy traffic. A flight from the USA to Jаpan was also canceled.

“We have built a large buffer into our plans.” “However, this is not enough to meet the alarmingly high sick leave rate,” said the spokesman. He did not want to speculate about a connection to the Omikron, since the nature of the diseases had been kept secret from Lufthansa.

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