Cooperatives, partner consortia and “brothers”.  Those red giants who grind millions on hospitality

Cooperatives, partner consortia and “brothers”. Those red giants who grind millions on hospitality

Interni 31 August 2023 – 13:45 It is the galaxy of cooperatives and consortia that takes the lion’s share in the reception area for migrants Listen now: “Cooperatives, consortia, companions and “brothers”. welcome” Cooperatives, consortia, partners and “brothers”. Those red giants that grind millions on hospitality It is the galaxy of cooperatives and consortia that take the lion’s share of the reception of migrants. Economically strong players, in terms of numbers and management skills, which wink to the left and range above all in the central-south, dividing important slices of the business. They are the ones who are identified as the directors of solidarity who secure millionaire contracts, organize the management of extraordinary reception centres, additional services for asylum seekers and take care of their cultural mediation and support interpreting. Some have been in the industry for years now and their curriculum is a guarantee. Among the best known is Gus, Human Solidarity Group, based in Macerata, but which since 2022 has also increased its activity in Puglia and Sardinia for a profit of 2,123,727 euros. Among the guests of Gus in Macerata, there was also Innocent Oseghale, the ruthless killer of the young Pamela Mastropietro, as an asylum seeker. The San Giovanni Battista Foundation also manages a nice package of services in Ragusa: Cas, Sai, and the Nuove Radici project in partnership with Oxfam intercultura: net profit 558,458. The president is Renato Meli, councilor of the national Catholic Action; but the curious presence is the head of the Cas di Borgo la Croce, Gaetano Scollo, municipal councilor and leader of the Democratic Party in Comiso since 2013. Medintegra Ragusa is relevant, which managed two reception centers with a total of 50 migrants: collection of 34.50 per day per capita per day equal to 629,625 for the year 2020/2021 and for 2022 or today is 278,414. The president of Medintegra is Luca Burruano, born in 1972, consultant profession in public bodies since 1999 among municipalities, districts and provinces of Sicily. The Matrix Consortium that guides Cas, Sai, and structures for minors is also authoritative of its kind. It has an office in Gragnano, Naples, and a second one in Vasto, Chieti, with operational realities that go as far as the Benevento area, tracing Calabria and also passing through Gorizia: all for a total income of 11 million euros. The Cies onlus of the president Maria Elisabetta Melandri, sister of the better known Giovanna who, in and around the capital, takes care of cultural mediation and social interpreting cannot go unnoticed. For 2022, the social budget exceeded 8 million euros (8,689,710.49). To date, however, it has also just been awarded the interpreting contract to support the commission for the recognition of international protection of Bologna: duration 2 years, deadline in March 2025. Total revenue 600 thousand euros. Of note is the Badia Grande cooperative in Trapani which, from 2017 and until December 2022 managed the Lampedusa hotspot, now passed to the Italian Red Cross, taking home 3 million a year. The coop was put out for disputed irregularities and sanctions (source Prefecture of Agrigento) as well as due to the indictment of the president Antonio Manca. Among the knots to be resolved also the non-payment of the salaries of the workers for which in 2020 the prefecture of Trapani had advanced 326 thousand euros. A story that brings to mind the Soumahoro affair where his wife Liliane Murekatete, her mother-in-law, Marie Therese Mukamitsindo and four other people risk prosecution as part of the investigation into the management of the cooperatives that dealt with migrants. The charge is of income tax evasion as well as for non-payment of staff salaries.

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