cooperative multiplayer expanded to 4 players, according to the PSN –

Gotham Knights appears to have a 4-player cooperative multiplayertherefore larger than the two-player one that had emerged previously and which was believed to be present until some time ago, at least based on the data reported on the PlayStation Store.

As reported by PCGamesN, the page relating to Gotham Knights reports the support for the multiplayer game for “4 players in the network”, which makes one think of online cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players at the same time, contrary to what was previously thought. or a multiplayer for two players at most.

We can’t take this as official information yet, but it is therefore possible that WB Montreal, the development team that is working on the game, took the extra time available before launch in order to introduce cooperative multiplayer. more extensivewhich would make a lot of sense for this type of game.

However, the description still speaks of a game that can be played in single player or “together with another hero”, so it is not yet clear what it is.

Unless the descriptions contain errors or have not been properly updated, it may also be possible that they are present two different modes for two and four player multiplayer.

In any case, we will probably know more next month, considering that Gotham Knights should be present within the Summer Game Fest scheduled for June 9, 2022, so we are waiting to find out more.

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