This would enable retailers and grocery stores to process online orders faster, both companies said on Tuesday.

“Augmented Reality” means the interaction of a digital and analog environment. With Google Glass, users are not completely sealed off from their normal surroundings as with virtual reality glasses. Rather, additional information about the environment is displayed in the glasses. In this way, a warehouse worker can be shown which shelf a certain spare part can be found on.

With the first application “Assisted Order Picking” developed jointly by TeamViewer and Google, employees can prepare an online order for shipping and keep their hands free. The goods or groceries ordered are displayed in the “Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2” glasses. The employee can then use a scanner that is worn like a ring on his finger to record the goods. The TeamViewer software “Vision Picking” is also used.

The order picking efficiency will be increased by 15 to 40 percent, explained TeamViewer manager Alfredo Patron. The application is connected to the order processing systems of the retailer or grocer, which means that the inventory is updated in real time. “In the near future, we want to expand our partnership and use the technology to improve manufacturing, field service and supply chain processes in other industries.”

TeamViewer shares are trying to stabilize – Google cooperation helps

After the share price collapsed by almost 54 percent in twelve trading days, TeamViewer’s papers started a stabilization attempt on duty. From the record low of 13.44 euros in the morning, the software manufacturer’s shares turned to 15.20 euros by noon, trading a good 7 percent higher than the day before. Most recently, the plus was 2.72 percent to 14.55 euros.

After a further analyst downgrade had weighed down in the morning, the news of a cooperation with Google (Alphabet C (ex Google)) attracted some investors. The collaboration is “Augmented Reality” in the Google Cloud. With the first application “Assisted Order Picking” developed jointly by Teamviewer and Google, employees can use Google Glass glasses to prepare an online order for shipping and keep their hands free. The teamviewer software “Vision Picking” is also used.

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