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Whether as a casserole, soup or side dish: the nutty taste of Brussels sprouts goes well with hearty dishes. It tastes fried, cooked and out of the oven. What is the best way to prepare the florets?

With its spicy, nutty taste, Brussels sprouts, also known as “Brussels cabbage”, are one of the most popular domestic winter vegetables. It is in season from September to March. Brussels sprouts taste best if the plant has been exposed to frost or cold temperatures before harvest. As with kale, some of the starch it contains is converted into sugar, making the vegetables more aromatic and milder.

Prepare Brussels sprouts: clean, cut and cook

Halved florets can also be steamed in the pan or roasted in the oven.

Before preparation, remove the outer leaves of the Brussels sprouts, shorten the stalk and cut crosswise. This is how the cabbage cooks nicely and evenly. Cook in salted water for no more than eight to twelve minutes, depending on the size. The florets should stay firm and still have some bite. If you want to soften the intense cabbage taste a little, add a little sugar or milk to the cooking water. The addition of caraway or fennel seeds makes the cabbage more digestible.

After cooking, toss the cabbage in a little butter to taste and season with nutmeg or roasted almond leaves and enjoy as a side dish. Seared apple wedges also go very well with it.

Brussels sprouts also taste great as a casserole or quiche

The pre-cooked Brussels sprouts are also suitable for making salads or casseroles. For a casserole, place the heads with cooked potato slices in an ovenproof dish, pour the egg and cream sauce over them and bake in the oven with grated cheese. Add ham or smoked pork chops or seared minced meat if you like. Brussels sprouts are also delicious as a topping on a quiche.

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Fry Brussels sprouts and cook in the oven

Alternatively, you can pluck the leaves one by one and fry them briefly in a pan or halve the florets, fry them and even steam them. It can also be prepared in the oven. To do this, place the halved florets on a baking sheet with a little oil and salt and roast for about 15 minutes. Brussels sprouts can also be eaten raw, but should be finely sliced ​​because they are very hard. Shortly pre-cooked, it is more digestible.

Buy, store and freeze Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts frozen © imago / Westend61

Brussels sprouts can also be frozen well.

You can recognize fresh Brussels sprouts by their firm, closed florets without wilted or yellow leaves. The cut surfaces on the stems should be smooth and light. The early Brussels sprouts usually have light green leaves, varieties harvested later are more dark green. Purple Brussels sprouts are less common. In terms of taste, this variant does not differ from the green Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts don’t last as long as other types of cabbage. It stays fresh in the refrigerator for about four days. But it can also be frozen very well: To do this, blanch the cleaned florets for about five minutes and pat dry.

Lots of vitamins, few calories: Brussels sprouts are healthy

Like all types of cabbage, Brussels sprouts are very healthy: they provide a number of vitamins and minerals, for example around 115 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, and only have around 40 calories per 100 grams. It also contains various B vitamins, a lot of folic acid for the cells, zinc for the skin and hair, iron for the red blood cells and potassium for dehydration.

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