Convicted ex-Raiffeisen boss: Pierin Vincenz is in need of money

Immediately after the surprisingly clear verdict of guilty, Pierin Vincenz announced that he would appeal. For him, this has the advantage that he can currently avoid paying millions in compensation to Raiffeisen and does not have to go to prison. However, his assets remain blocked, like that “Sunday Newspaper” writes.

A problem for the former Raiffeisen boss, who says he lives on 2,200 francs AHV, because he has to maintain five houses. According to the newspaper’s calculations, these should cost a total of around 80,000 francs per year to maintain. Two of his properties are now for sale, but this sale is proving difficult.

A larger fundraising campaign turned out to be an own goal: when Vincenz took eleven million francs out of the pension fund and thus paid off mortgages, among other things, and transferred two million to his ex-wife’s account, the public prosecutor’s office struck and confiscated the money. If Vincenz had had this pension fund paid out as a pension, the public prosecutor’s office could not have done anything. Now this source of money has also dried up for the time being.

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