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Continued exemption of patients from the fees of medical examinations in El Arish Hospital

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Dr. Tarek Shoka, director of the health directorate of North Sinai, confirmed that 272 patients were exempted from the fees related to medical examinations for patients who are unable to hospital in El Arish last October.

He said that the Department of Medical Social Work is helping those who are unable to exempt patients from the value of medical examinations after the work of a comprehensive social research and visits home.

For his part, Ibrahim Abdullah, Director General of Medical Social Work, said that social workers do their duties towards patients who are unable to facilitate medical service
He pointed to the partial exemption of 236 patients and 36 patients, including 184 cases of patients on the outpatient clinic and 88 cases on the internal departments.

He added that helping the incapable patients is a humanitarian duty, and that the social service office at Al-Arish General Hospital is working around the clock and wishing better health for all.

Continued exemption of patients


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