Contagions, Tuscany has already peaked. Over 50: 3 thousand first doses and 5 thousand booked

Florence, January 14, 2022 – For the first once after once exponential growth of cases, which on a weekly basis, has also well exceeded the 300%, the count of new positives in Tuscany in the last seven days, until yesterday, for the first time it recorded the minus sign. A 14% decrease in new cases over the previous seven days: from 97,810 to 84,013. There Tuscany has already reached the peak, is probably starting in a plateau phase, of stabilization of the epidemic curve, before the beginning of the descent. The confirmation also comes from the analyzes of the mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani, of the Institute for the applications of calculus Mauro Picone, of the Cnr. “In 5-10 days the peak of the incidence of total positives is expected at national level – he explains – While at the regional level the data confirm the reaching of the peak in Tuscany and Umbria, towards the peak in Abruzzo and Lombardy”.

This is because in our region the variante Omicron since mid-December it has spread at an astonishing rate and today accounts for 95% of total cases. After the peak in the number of deaths on Wednesday (71), yesterday the figure, still too high (20), returned more in line with that of the previous days.

In this situation, if the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health do not accept the request of the Regions to consider Covid cases only the symptomatic ones in the count of admitted positives, there is a concrete possibility that by the end of the month Tuscany may go to orange zone. In the weekly report, the Gimbe foundation takes into account the number of beds that separate Tuscany from the orange and red areas.

For orange the saturation threshold for resuscitation has already been exceeded, while 402 beds are still available in the medical area. The passage in the color zone that would imply many more restrictions could be avoided if the counting system was changed, if many intermediate care beds were added (which remain out of monitoring) or if, after the peak of infections, it began to grow more slowly also the wave of hospitalizations.

Much farther there red zone, to reach those parameters, Tuscany still has 49 free places in intensive care and 905 in medical areas.

“We do not need to avoid orange or the play of colors: we do our job correctly and therefore any purpose is the purpose of public health”, says Governor Eugenio Giani.

The point is made also on vaccinations. According to the figures highlighted by the Gimbe foundation, the Tuscan population who received at least the first dose stood at 85.8%, while 82.4% completed the vaccination cycle, against 79% of the Italian average. Coverage with third doses is more in line with the national figure (61.6%, with the country average at 61.5%) as well as the percentage of vaccination among children between 5 and 11 years: 16.7 % received at least the first dose, while 2.3% completed the course of administration.

Gli over 50 unvaccinated are they moving? In Tuscany, about three thousand have taken the first dose in the last three days, while about 5 thousand have booked it for the next few days. There are still 135 thousand Tuscan over 50s who are not vaccinated (but in this number there are also the recovered and the exempt). The percentage of vaccinated in the territories of ASL central Tuscany is very high: since January 6, when the obligation was announced, 1,450 people have been vaccinated, increasing coverage from 97.7% to 97.9%. Also in this area it is estimated that there are about 16 thousand people in that age group to be vaccinated, of which only 5 thousand in the municipality of Florence.


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