Consulate in Atlanta will have changes with its staff

Since January, the microphones of W Radio have recorded all the problems that have arisen at the Consulate in Atlanta, United States, for the lack of a leading head that, in principle, was Bertha Patricia Alemán, and who left her position first due to multiple disabilities due to problems with her ankle that left her out of her position for more than 100 days and that later forced her to take her time off for a year despite the fact that she had already been appointed at the Iquítos consulate in Peru.

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However, W Radio learned that Idoia Astrid Valladares Martínez, career consul, who had only been in office for three months, replaced Alemán. The diplomat argues that it is for family reasonsinitially to attend to some health problems of his mother, but sources also confirm that it is due to the high workload that he represents in that consulate.

The diplomat also requested the availability per year, but since she leaves before her retirement time, once she arrives her availability you will have to bear the costs of transportation to where they send it.

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