“Construction errors in hardship funds”

“Construction errors in hardship funds”

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According to the German Hospital Society (DKG), clinics nationwide were only able to use six percent of the energy aid from the state for the fourth quarter of 2022. 34 million

Due to unfavorable application conditions, the hospitals can only take advantage of a fraction of the promised energy aid totaling six billion euros. According to an overview by the German Hospital Society (DKG), which is available to the editorial network Germany (RND/Montag), clinics nationwide were only able to apply for 34 million euros for the fourth quarter of 2022 of the 710 million euros actually planned for this period. This corresponds to a share of just under six percent.

Association chief Gerald Gass said that this was not due to the fact that the cost increases were lower than expected. Rather, the hardship fund is constructed in such a way that most cost increases are not taken into account. “The figures make it clear that the promised six billion euros in aid for the clinics will become pure showcase billions,” criticized the head of the association.

“Insolvency imminent”

Gass complained that the aid was only limited to additional costs for gas and district heating. All other inflation-related increases were left out, although hospitals could not pass them on. That was a “gross mistake,” said Gass. In addition, March 2022 was set as the reference month. At that time, however, prices were already very high compared to March 2021 because the market had already reacted to the war against Ukraine. The federal government had been warned of these design flaws at an early stage, but had not been heard. Now there would be additional burdens due to high tariff increases.

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The clinics are facing big problems. “Insolvencies are looming, even though Minister Lauterbach has explicitly promised that no clinic will be in danger because of increased energy prices and inflation,” Gass warned. “We therefore expect political intervention to ensure that the originally planned six billion euros are actually paid to the hospitals,” demanded the head of the association.

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