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“Consent”: Jean-Paul Rouve will play Gabriel Matzneff in the adaptation of the book (Photo by Jean-Paul Rouve taken on October 6, 2019 by Pierre Suu / Getty Images)

CINEMA – The book The consent by Vanessa Springora will be adapted to the cinema and we now know the main actors of the film. Producers Marc Missionnier and Carole Lambert announced this adaptation on July 27, specifying that Vanessa Filho will be directing.

According to the media Satellifax, quoted by The Parisian this Tuesday, October 12, the 41-year-old director will shoot from February 2022 and Jean-Paul Rouve will play Gabriel Matzneff. Kim Higelin will camp for her teenage Vanessa Springora.

“It was not my attraction to me that had to be questioned, but his”

“Vanessa Filho will realize this story where Vanessa Springora tells how she found herself under the influence of a famous writer. In 1986, she was 13 years old; him almost 50. She explains how she was the victim of a triple predation: sexual, literary and psychic ”, described Marc Missionnier, producer of Moana Films.

And to continue: “But beyond its individual history, it also questions the excesses of an era, and the complacency of an environment blinded by talent and celebrity”. “Why couldn’t a fourteen-year-old girl love a man thirty-six years her senior? A hundred times, I had returned this question in my mind. Without realizing that it was badly put from the start. It was not my attraction to me that had to be questioned, but his own ”, thus tells the author in her book.

180,000 copies sold

Released on January 2, 2020 by Grasset and since sold more than 180,000 copies, The consent is a shocking testimony in which Vanessa Springora recounts the hold over her by the writer Gabriel Matzneff when she was only a child. “At fourteen, you are not supposed to be expected by a 50-year-old man after leaving college, you are not supposed to live in a hotel with him or end up in his bed, his penis in the room. mouth at snack time, ”she wrote in particular.

The day after the publication of the book, the Paris prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation for “rape of a minor” under the age of 15 targeting the 83-year-old man. Heard by the investigators, Vanessa Springora confided that her hearing had “only a symbolic significance”, the facts being prescribed, but she saw in this judicial investigation “a strong message for the potential other victims”.

At the time of the publication of the book which he confided not to have read, Gabriel Matzneff estimated in a letter not to deserve “the awful portrait” published by Vanessa Springora. As for accusations of sex tourism in Asia, he said in an interview “regret” his past pedophile practices, while arguing that “at the time”, “no one ever spoke of crime”.

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