Conscious menstruation, the wellness trend that will give you good vibes in 2022

According to data collected on the valuable content platform for physical well-being, one of the most relevant trends in the coming months will be topics related to benefits and health care.

Pinterest Predicts is not a retrospective or a summary of what has already been trending, but rather a report on topics that are not trending yet and will be. The Inspiration Platform works with the hottest emerging creators from around the world to share exclusive stats, inspiration, and ideas to manifest and bring these trends to life through enthusiasm and open-mindedness in search of the best ideas to create a life you like.

People use Pinterest to plan their future and get inspired. For this year, Pinterest Predicts shows that within the preferred searches of users in 2022, they will be related to their menstrual health: from the phases of the cycle to taking care of your body during menstruation. More than 400 million people around the world use the platform every month to discover new ideas and bring them to life.

This trend indicates that during the year, people will educate themselves about the health of their menstrual cycle and the care of their body. Conscious menstruation: no two people are the same, nor are identical cycles. Among millennials, searches that explore the period take center stage.

Year over year increase in searches for:

Follicular Phase +70%Luteal Phase +40%Menstruation Care x3 Menstrual Cycle Chart +95%Menstruation Care Kit +85%

Featured creators like Whitney Sartain, who creates content on personal care, goes beyond a superficial question. She educates her community on all things wellness, including often overlooked topics like menstrual health.

“I always ask my friends if they record their menstrual cycles. It’s not ‘extra’ information. In fact, it’s the least valued. For me, wellness goes beyond eating kale. It’s about knowing what What makes your body unique? @awellnessspace.

Pinterest users and creators care a lot about wellness. In the year 2022, people will be curious about “Conscious Menstruation” and will seek to learn about “Sentimental Harmony” in all kinds of relationships. People want to be in tune with their bodies, so mood and menstrual cycle tracking apps would be a great idea as they seek the ability to optimize their lifestyle based on different phases of the cycle.

One of these activities is physical conditioning, so taking yoga or spinning classes based on the phases of the menstrual cycle, for people to tailor their training to cope with symptoms, optimize performance and avoid injury, would also be a novel action. Are you in the follicular phase? Try high intensity interval training. Are you in the luteal phase? Choose gentle pilates exercises.

But in the middle of 2022 we cannot leave technology out. Gen Z can be helped to explore their periods through a modern menstrual care kit or self-care apps to make that time of the month lighter.

That’s why Pinterest Predicts is a tool to anticipate and prepare for what’s to come. It is based on emerging searches that have seen increases compared to last year. That is why you can predict what is going to happen. In fact, 8 out of 10 predictions for 2021 came true.

Pinterest has analyzed what users have been looking for on the platform to identify the key trends that are about to emerge or continue to grow this year. As people use Pinterest to look to the future and find ideas, we can harness that search data and get insights ahead of time, helping us see what’s to come before anyone else.



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