Conor McGregor’s pub in Ireland is attacked with gasoline bombs

Conor McGregor at his Black Forge Inn

In a breaking news MMA Fighting announces that the Black Forge Inn pub, owned by Conor McGregor, was attacked by two still unidentified people with gasoline bombs.

“Last night, it appears that criminals made an unprovoked effort to inflict damage on the Black Forge Inn. No harm was caused to any customers, employees or management, and Mr. McGregor was not on the premises at the time of the incident. Police have opened an investigation into the event. We are open as usual.”

The UFC star owns this establishment since I bought it in 2019 for 2.2 million dollars. So far there has been no incident. Fortunately no one was injured.

Mirror further notes that two men were seen on scooters heading towards the pub just before the incident took place, and authorities are now looking for witnesses or security footage to help the investigation.

For now this is all that is known of what happened. But we will be attentive to all the news that comes to light in the coming hours. At the moment Conor McGregor has not made any public statement about it.

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