Conor McGregor’s Abs Exercise (UFC)

  • UFC star Conor McGregor’s abs workout
  • The Irish fighter will surely fight in May against Charles Oliviera
  • Conor McGregor’s amazing transformation in the last 10 years
  • Conor McGregor in gorilla mode before his return to the UFC

    More kilos, more muscle and more desire to do well again and, above all, win over the octagon of the UFC again. Conor McGregor He seems stronger than ever and in one of his last Instagram trainings we have seen him exercising the ABS. A leg lift exercise to lean your abdominal wall, gain core strength and define your six pack to the fullest.

    What remains unconfirmed is the date of his return to mixed martial arts after recovering from his broken leg. In principle, it seems that his rival will be Charles Oliviera, who points to a fight next May: “May I think would be a perfect date. Conor McGregor He challenged me and asked for a date. Not only him, everyone would like to see that match. We will make it happen and I will wait for it in May. “

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    But … how does Conor McGregor get into this fight? Well, it reaches over 80 kilos in weight, 16 more than necessary for light weight, and with more muscles. But the question of fans and experts is whether this new size will make him lose speed in the ring. And is that his last appearances are counted by losses against Dustin Poirier.

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