With the firm commitment to safeguard the health of all participants of the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021, CONMEBOL has communicated its rConcentration regulations and medical recommendation protocols for training, travel and competition.

Luque, June 8, 2021 – As in the tournaments organized by CONMEBOL in 2020, the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021 will be held under strict observance of a package of security measures that reaches both competitors and all those involved in the meeting of national teams. It will take place from June 13 in 4 Brazilian cities that will host the matches to be played in the different scheduled stages.

The players of the different selected must abide by the provisions of the concentration or health bubble regulation that regulates the process of entry, stay and exit of soccer teams, teams of referees and CONMEBOL staff. This provision is intended to allow entry to the host country and subsequent permanence in it, and must fully comply with current security regulations.

Entering and leaving the host country

To enter the host country, each member of the official delegation must upload to the medical portal 24 hours before the trip, the result of their PCR test with a sample collection date of no more than 48 hours before the flight. In no case will people with a positive or indeterminate result be admitted. During their stay, official delegations must remain isolated from outsiders in order to reduce the possibility of contagion. Likewise, no person outside the bubble of each selected team will be able to enter the training sessions and concentrations, minimizing the exposure of the players to the maximum.

Hygiene during workouts

CONMEBOL’s health protocol has provided for the accompaniment of a doctor who will control the group’s symptoms, as well as monitoring the physical and health conditions of each player, understanding the risks of contagion in each case according to the level of exhibition that has been held days prior to the tournament.

The organization recommends suspending any type of visits and preventing the entry of third parties and those at greater risk to the sports facilities set up for training. Likewise, everyone who attends the sports centers must be in good health, without any symptoms of COVID-19 and without having been in close contact with any person with a positive result for the virus.

This section also reinforces all hygiene recommendations such as surface disinfection, temperature measurement, hand washing, the use of face masks and the minimum distance of 2 meters between people when this is possible.

COVID-19 testing is mandatory

Before each trip, all members of the official delegation (teams, CONMEBOL staff and team of referees) must carry out the PCR tests for COVID-19 48 hours before the day of the game, with the consequent isolation of the cases detected as positive . This measure also applies to all personnel included in ZONE 1, ZONE 2 AND ZONE 5 (referees, match officials, doctors, anti-doping officer, staff, operating personnel, VIP and VVIP).

It is worth noting that, to date, all CONMEBOL staff and 90% of the delegations are vaccinated. They also all have international medical insurance that covers a positive diagnosis of COVID-19.

Recommendations for trips

In addition to compliance with the current protocol, delegations are recommended to enter with a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, taking into account that CONMEBOL has made the doses of CORONAVAC vaccines available to each Member Association for each participating delegation. Otherwise, a negative PCR test result will be sufficient for shipment.

Also the transfer and access to the accommodation hotels contemplates a series of mandatory measures such as disinfection of transport mobiles, the use of masks at all times during the trip and the recommendation to use only the seats with a window, leaving free aisle seats for better air circulation and physical distance between passengers.

The CONMEBOL Copa América will undoubtedly be the great event of South American sport in 2021, in which fans will participate from the screens in their homes to encourage the great figures of football from this continent who will meet in the Brazilian fields.

CONMEBOL Copa America 2021

The 47th edition of the oldest tournament of teams in the world will be played between 10 participating teams, the tournament does not change its format and they are the 10 South American countries that are members of CONMEBOL (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru , Uruguay and Venezuela), who will participate in this competition.

Nine FIFA World Cup titles and some of the biggest stars in world football will gather on the pitch to play the 28 games this edition, from June 13 to July 10.

Vibrate the continent

The CONMEBOL Copa América has incredible power, it can make everything move, it makes emotions vibrate and hearts exalt.

It makes the flags, the nets wave, the stands, the stadiums shake. Its history makes the entire continent fill with pride, that our football throbs with a single force.

This competition has the power to bring out our best version to define who we are as South Americans: soccer, history, joy and passion.