Conmebol confirmed the date, time and stadium of Argentina vs Brazil

That meeting was suspended on September 5 of last year five minutes into the first half, when the local health agency, Anvisa, through an official, interrupted the development of the match for issues related to the prevention of the coronavirus pandemic.

But despite having finished a long time ago the South American Qualifiersthe CONMEBOL announced on February 14 that the match should be played in its entirety on September 22, without announcing on that occasion the scenario in which it should take place.

Given this and considering that the points should be owned by Argentina for being the victim in question, the AFA made claims to the FIFA that were initially ignored, so the president, Claudio Tapiasubscribed to the raising of the issue to the TAS.

But CONMEBOL ratified that the match will be played in the same original dispute scenario, something that on the other hand is not frowned upon by Lionel Messi and company, who pointed out after converting five goals against Estonia, on June 5, that facing Brazil “is important because, like Italy, they are a highly demanding rival.”

In that match, Anvisa’s arguments to interrupt the match were based on the fact that in the Argentine squad there were four players from England, Emiliano Martínez, Emiliano Buendía, Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celsowho could not have left that country for specific health reasons.

And in fact this was validated by Conmebol, which applied a two-game suspension (already served against Italy and Estonia) plus an economic fine to the four footballers.

Therefore all of them will be available to the technical director, Lionel Scalonifor the commitment that will finally close this “endless” World Cup Qualifier exactly two months before Qatar 2022 begins, on November 21.



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