Confrontation between the ELN and FARC dissidents leaves 16 dead

Confrontation between the ELN and FARC dissidents leaves 16 dead

staff of National Liberation Army (ELN) and the FARC dissidence they held a confrontation in the rural zone of the department of Arauca, border area between Colombia and Venezuela.

The fact, according to information from Final versionleft at least 16 dead.

Sources indicated that the confrontation between the parties began on August 30 for control of the area.

According to local authorities, the attacks on both sides have triggered displacements by the inhabitants of the areawho have targeted new areas far from the guerilla bullets.

On Sunday, the FARC dissidence published a video on social networks demonstrating about the situation: “We have an emergency involving some injuries, which is why we ask the International Committee of the Red Cross (Cicr) and a government commission if it is possible that they provide us with the service to help them because we are not in the right conditions because they are seriously injured”.

For its part, the Cicr confirmed that they have carried out “the evacuation of people wounded in combat” in a “humanitarian and confidential operation”.

The action that involved members of the ELN against the FARC dissidents took place despite the ceasefire between the first group and the Colombian government, a measure that will last until January of next year.

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