Confirmed That WhatsApp Is Listening To You Even When The App Is Closed: Reason Explained!

Confirmed That WhatsApp Is Listening To You Even When The App Is Closed: Reason Explained!

Many Android users reported that WhatsApp uses their microphones even when the app is closed. The issue, which came to the agenda with the comment of Elon Musk, was confirmed by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, has come to the fore with a security issue in the last few weeks. Many users of WhatsApp using the microphone even when the app is not open stated.

This situation, which caused many complaints, was noticed through the “Privacy Control Panel” we see on Android. This feature, which has been on devices since Android 12, can be tapped in the upper right corner of the screen. a green notification and notifying users when the microphone was used.

UPDATE: Google has confirmed that the eavesdropping scandal is an Android bug!

The scandal that WhatsApp was listening to users noticed on Android, Verified by WhatsApp. There was also a statement from Google on the subject. The statement shared by WhatsApp on May 9 was as follows:


“In the last 24 hours, we contacted a Twitter engineer who posted an issue with his Pixel phone and WhatsApp.

We believe this is a bug in Android that misidentifies information on the Privacy Dashboard, and we’ve asked Google to investigate and fix it.”

After this statement, while a statement was expected from Google, that statement finally came. Google announced that the scandal was caused by an existing bug in Android.

Speaking to Engadget, the Google spokesperson said that the error is just like in WhatsApp’s description. It originates from the ‘Privacy Clipboard’ in Android shared. It was announced that the team is working to fix the problem.

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Complaints showing that the app is using the microphone come from users with Android operating systems such as Samsung and Pixel

Users from different platforms shared the details of the problems they experienced. For example Google Help by a Pixel user, last 15-20 days WhatsApp microphone stays on after making a call He said he observed. Yet another Pixel phone user has allowed WhatsApp to use its microphone, that the microphone continues to be used after exiting the application. expressed.

On the other hand, many complaints about the problem came from Twitter. In the tweet you see above, it can be seen that WhatsApp continues to use the microphone in the background. User morning his microphone is being used even while he sleeps at 6 o’clock says.

Although most of the complaints are from Google’s Pixel phones, they were also seen on Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S23. This is generally A problem with Android showed it could be. There is no information about whether it is experienced on iOS yet.

Elon Musk also tweeted on the subject: “WhatsApp cannot be trusted”

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, also made a post after this problem was revealed. By targeting the platform, Musk said it was unreliable and said “WhatsApp can’t be trustedused his statements.

The famous billionaire, followed by a Twitter user named Gannon Breslin “It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that WhatsApp belongs to Meta/Facebook” He replied to another tweet where he said: Musk talked about the departure of the WhatsApp founders from the platform, this time directly targeting Meta:

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Yes. Or from Meta/Facebook of WhatsApp founders leaving in disgustIt’s also unbelievable that they didn’t know that they started a Facebook delete campaign and contributed greatly to the creation of Signal. What they learned about Facebook and the changes in WhatsApp made them very uncomfortable.”

There are also some solutions to prevent the app from using the microphone

According to a Reddit user, WhatsApp last update This may have resolved the situation. Upgrading to the latest available version and restarting the phone may prevent microphone usage.

Another method is to revoke WhatsApp’s permissions for things like microphone and camera. In this method, after the permissions are revoked, the phone rebooting and re-enabling permissions recommended.

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