As every Tuesday, the Regional Health Agency published the weekly figures of the coronavirus epidemic on our island. Between November 15 and 21, 2021, the figures are increasing with 585 new cases identified.

On the 21 330 tests carried out between November 15 and 21, 2021, 585 tested positive for Covid-19, up from 413 last week. There are now 44,931 cases since the start of the epidemic in March 2020.

Positivity rate: 2,7% (proportion of positive tests on all analyzes).

Incidence rate: 163 (number of cases over 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants), against 95 last week.

85 patients are being hospitalized including 27 in critical care.

Martinique records 707 deaths, reported by the CHUM since the start of the epidemic. They were 700 last week.

The circulation of the SARS-CoV2 virus is increasing in Martinique. The incidence rate was increasing in week 46 against a background of relatively stable screening use.

This rate is now well above the alert threshold and should lead to a strengthening of measures to curb the epidemic.

The reproduction rate (Reff) was 1.22 reflecting a progression of the epidemic. The number of new hospitalizations remained stable, but the CHU sees the total number of hospitalizations in medicine and intensive care increasing.

This active circulation of the virus is to be compared with the vaccination rate which stagnates with only 0.9 points of progression between weeks 44 and 45. This situation is worrying, heralding a fifth wave in Martinique and is at monitor with the greatest attention given the consequences for the hospital.


The number of people with a complete vaccination schedule is 126 461 that is 40% of the population (12 years and over).

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