Concluded Family Medicine Unit No. 13 of the IMSS application of anticovid vaccine

Personnel from the attention module, from the beginning of the campaign and until the end, remained on the lookout, providing timely information so that beneficiaries and citizens in general were immunized.

By Adalberto Brena

Cuicatlán, Oax.- In a coordinated and team effort, the Directorate of Family Medicine Unit No. 13 of Cuicatlán, the doctor, nurses and nurses who were attending the vaccination module against Covid-19 complied with the instructions issued by the general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, Zoé Robledo, and State Delegate in Oaxaca to ensure that the greatest number of beneficiaries and citizens in general were immunized.

The biological that was applied was from the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca and until Tuesday, April 26, 2022, a thousand doses were applied.

Those who attended the Family Medicine Unit No. 13 (UMF) reported, “very good care, the information provided is accurate and the procedure is very fast. We recognize the work of the director or person in charge of the Family Medicine Unit, the doctor and the nurses who were in the vaccination module and make it clear that when they join forces in a federal agency the benefit is for society. With these actions, the truth made them want to go and take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated, applying the first, second, third dose or reinforcement, in some cases the application of the vaccine for the first time, “they said.

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